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Looking For Training Classes For Your Puppy or Dog?

We offer 6 week puppy courses on Thursday evenings at Caldecote Village Hall.

Who we are

Tracey and Jan began learning about dog training with our own young pups (Boxer and GSD) from Alan Cole at CCEG.We‘ve been instructing classes for puppies, young and adult dogs since 1998 with the support, advice and encouragement of Alan and the CCEG team. As PuppySteps Dog Training Cambridge, we shall now be running the puppy courses at Caldecote.

Our aim is to help owners gain the knowledge and skills to train their pups, so that they can happily fit in as family pets.


Jan Burrell, B.Sc.(Hons) Biol. Sci.

I grew up around dogs, and have more than 20 years’ experience of dog-training and learning about dog behaviour, development and body language. I have been instructing with CCEG for the last 17 years, from puppies through to the advanced classes. I love helping owners learn how to train their dogs, and especially the challenge of finding a method of training or solving a problem that will suit a particular dog and handler. I have attended many practical courses and seminars in dog training and instructing, including 4 five-day courses, with speakers ranging from Turid Rugaas to Terri Ryan, Prof Daniel Mills, Dr Ian Dunbar; practical sessions over the years with eg, Roy Hunter, H.M. Prison Dog Service(!), Anna-Lille Kvam, Philippa Williams, Pam Mackinnon.  I have completed an Animal Aiders First Aid Training course. I am working towards accreditation as a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Dog Training and Behaviour (KCAI).


Tracey Usher

Tracey has a background in schooling and breaking-in horses and as a riding instructor. She has many years’ ‘hands on’ experience with all kinds of dogs, and 28 years’ expertise with her own GSDs, including puppies and rescues. She is a practised and knowledgeable trainer, including 16 years instructing puppy classes and the small dog ‘fun and games’ class for CCEG.  She has attended courses on training, instructing and behaviour, including 3 five-day courses (the last of which she helped run), and has completed an Animal Aiders First Aid Training course. With her flexible approach to training she enjoys instructing a wide range of classes, from GSDs to puppies, small dogs, and fun classes. 


Rita Charter

Rita is our support team! She welcomes new owners on week 1, keeps the paperwork in order and is in charge of enrolment.



Offering PuppyTraining Classes at our Caldecote Venue for the

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Coton,  Dry Drayton,  Hardwick and Toft  area